Palestine Project 2022

Palestine Project 2022
Palestine Project 2022

The Palestine 2022 Project raised a huge £65,000.

The 8 volunteers managed to spend the last 7 days of Ramadhan in Palestine, and over the course of our trip we managed to spend a massive £20K ourselves.

We helped a school In Jerusalem with £500 that needed help with maintenance for an entire year.

We spent just shy of £1500 on helping pay medical bills for people who couldn’t afford to pay for them, these included diabetic and cancer patients.

We will be providing a sewing machine to a family to enable them maintain their livelihood with a support of £2100.

We supported an orphanage with toys and gifts and cash donations as well as clothes for mostly orphans. Over £4K was spent.

We provided iftar meals for the poor, food parcels, Eid sweets, cold iftar and hot iftar in Al Aqsa. We spent just shy of £14K on 2425 meals, snacks, iftar and food parcels.

We managed to help over 70 families which consisted of orphans, widows, cancer patients, disabled, visually impaired, deaf, Down syndrome families.

We handed out over £20K to these families. With an average of £285.00 per family.

Finally over £22k will be sent to Gaza where their situation is dire, helping with food parcels, medical equipment, medicines, cash donations etc.