Water Appeal


Providing clean water

Many people in Asia and Africa don’t have access to clean running water, this leads to the spreading of disases and illnesses. This can be prevented by making it easier to access clean water by providing a water pump in isolated places. One water pump benefits many families within the local area without having to carry water from long distance, muddy or dirty water. The cost to maintan a water pump is very low. More than 100 or 30+ families people will benefit from each water well. The wells last for about 10 to 20 years. Water wells can be given as Sadaqah Jaariya on behalf of your loved ones. 

Bangladesh (£250 - £1200, Cox's Bazaar, Khulna and Sunamgonj)
Easy area cost: From £500 up, approximately about 150 - 200 feet depth and run with electric motor. (Beneficiary 100+)
Difficult area cost: Average £1200, approximately about 4-5 hundred feet deep or more, run by electric motor. These include Arsenic Iron filtration benefiting the local community. 
Hand pump cost: Average between £250 to £300 depending on area. (Beneficiary 50+)
India (£900, West Bengal)
Many mosques in rural areas lack water facility which is also used by locals for drinking and other purposes. These require deep (500 to 1000 feet) electric wells and the average cost is £900 which includes motor, water tank, taps and plumbing.
Zanzibar (£2500)
A full water tower costs £2,500 and can be dedicated to a loved one.  You can also fundraise between family and friends to help share in the reward of the cost of building a water well. You can come and complete the build and open your well in Zanzibar and meet the people who will benefit.
Other Countries
Pakistan - Small pump £250 benefiting a single family, deep well £750 benefiting a community (upto 200 feet deep). 
Uganda - Community water well £1100

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