Palestine Appeal 2022


Decades of instability and conflict have already left Palestinians families unable to enjoy the most basic human rights such as access to food, water, and medical treatment. There is also critical shortage of medical supplies. In East Jerusalem, 81% of all Palestinians children live below the poverty line and many families cannot even afford food and necessities. Many of the Palestinian families in Jerusalem rely on visitors from abroad to bring them Zakat, but the ongoing pandemic has restricted travel, leaving communities in dire need.

In March 2021, our partners reported that they were running low on Zakat funds for the first time in 30 years. 1,700 families rely on them to meet their basic needs every month, including widows, orphans and the disabled.

Alhamdulillah we at Aid Infinity have a massive opportunity for you to gain big rewards and help the people of Palestine. A few dedicated brothers from Loughborough will be travelling to Palestine in Ramadan to fulfil and deliver some amazing and much needed projects/Aid to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Our Target is £5,000


Important to note that not a penny will go towards us personally, it will all go towards Palestine. We will pay for our own flight costs, our hotels and expenses.

We are focusing on 3 main projects

  • Provide iftari to 1000 worshippers in Al-Aqsa mosque. Target is £1000
  • Give out cash donations to widows and orphans. £100per person to 25 individuals. Target is £2500
  • Provide essential food packs for 30 famili£50 per pack. Target is £1500



Please donate and share with family and friends!

Other payment methods

Bank Transfer

To make a donation directly via bank transfer, please use bank details below:
Aid Infinity
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Account No: 72882260
Reference: “Palestine Appeal”

Please inform us of your transfer via email to:

Please specify your Bank Reference, Full Name, Address, Donation Amount, Donation Type and Project.

Please also inform us if you are a UK tax payer so your donation can be Gift Aided. Gift Aid allows you to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost.

It is important that you notify us whether your donation is for Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah or General and also which project it is donated towards. Otherwise we will receipt it as Zakah in the most need project.