Malawi Appeal


Malawi is one of Africa’s most densely populated places in the world and least developed countries. Most people here live in the tropical countryside where water is scarce. As a result, many women and children spend hours of their day walking to collect it.Access to water is a solution to the daily struggle of rural women and children across Africa to access safe, drinkable water. It is beneficial on so many levels; reducing the drudgery of water collection for women, providing irrigation for household vegetable gardens, and enabling people to use their time more productively.

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Water Irrigation

The irrigation scheme supplies an abundance of water to a village. This is enough to provide the foundation for the growing of staple crops, introduction of new high earning crops, fruit farms, honey farms, fish farming, cattle rearing and market days.

Food Packs

Many families, who live under the poverty line, are unable to provide food for themselves or their families. The current restrictions have undoubtably made this more difficult. With your support, we can provide a family with essential supplies like salt, cooking oil, beans and rice.

Goat Project

The Mbuzi (Goat) project empowers families through women to alleviate poverty and enable self-sufficiency. Goats provide sustainable income sources and are low maintenance animals. They produce an average of four kids per year. These may be sold, kept for reproduction or passed on to another family.

Water Wheel

Water wheels are simple, inexpensive devices and will save families time, effort and injury. It is a Solution to the daily struggle of rural women and children across Africa to access safe, drinkable water. It really Empowers women and children.

Orphans & Widows

With there being vulnerable children without parents and widowed wives without husbands, this makes it alot more challenging without the neccessary support needed for everyday life. Cash donations will be given to those most in need to live a better means of life.

Other payment methods

Bank Transfer

To make a donation directly via bank transfer, please use bank details below:
Aid Infinity
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Account No: 73874868
Reference: “Malawi Appeal 2020”

Please inform us of your transfer via email to:

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Please also inform us if you are a UK tax payer so your donation can be Gift Aided. Gift Aid allows you to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost.

It is important that you notify us whether your donation is for Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah or General and also which project it is donated towards. Otherwise we will receipt it as Zakah in the most need project.