About Us


We are a charity operating from Loughborough UK. Our charity is run by a young vibrant group of professionals, entrepreneurs and volunteers. We are passionate about our work that we do and we use our varied experience to focus on the needs of the beneficiaries. We formally established in 2019 with the Charity Commission UK. Our registration number is 1184792



Our charity projects are carefully constructed and designed to be accessible and effective. We look at a blend of emergency support, short time relief and longer term sustainable intervention. This multi-function approach means:

  • Saving lives immediately
  • Improve situation in the coming days and weeks
  • Transform communities for the years to come
  • Always giving desperate people the support they need depending on their situation.



Support disadvantaged and deprived communities across the UK and around the Globe.

To inspire and empower the local people and strengthen unity of the community.



  • The charitable activities will range from bringing about spiritually support, global need, community involvement, financial support, humanitarian needs and recreational activities.
  • The Charity will work in conjunction with local people and other professional organisations to help achieve our objectives.



  1. To respond effectively to changing social, economic and political trends in the UK and internationally by directing funds towards the most deprived individuals and where appropriate, with creativity and innovations.
  2. To develop a culture of sustainable and responsible charitable giving, ensuring the rights of both the donor and the beneficiary.
  3. To adhere to all recognised good practice models and quality standard measures.
  4. To inspire and develop people to engage in local and international projects in return to develop their personal skills and contribution back into the community.



Respect, Accountability, Compassion, Effective, Equality and Fairness.